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Indian Oil Body Massage with Meditational music


A massage is a wonderfully relaxing way to release tension and improve overall well being. A stimulating massage increases oxygen to the skin and muscles, prevents illness by boosting the immune system, and also improves the circulatory system.

The toxins / free radicals produced by the constant metabolic activities in the body damage the body cells resulting in wear and tear of the body, which is nothing but aging. The process of aging is accelerated by improper life-style, food habits and prolonged stress and strain.Modern age is the age of stress and strain. The fast life is exciting as well as overtaxing. The holistic approach of Indian tackles these hazards in its own natural way. It focuses on the impact of the mind on body, and vice versa. Carefully planned programs such as special soothing massages, works at the physical level to soothe the aching muscles and tensed nerves.

Indian body massage is a way of oil massage. Marma are vital points of the body which contain Prana energy. Gentle pressure on Marma while doing massage provides Prana energy to the body and mind which gives ultimate healing. This massage is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body. This Indian massage also improves lymph flow and stimulates the immune system. It simultaneously calms and strengthens the nervous system. In this way Indian massage is a protector, preserver and rejuvenator.

What is a Massage?

A massage is the treatment of superficial parts of the body usually performed to Stressreleif, relieve muscle stiffness, spasms, or cramps and to relieve anxiety and tension. Massage may also help improve or protect your memory.

People`s life styles and in today`s busy society it offers you a few moments to unwind and recharge leaving you feeling more positive and able to cope. It is especially beneficial for those who work with computers and experience muscle tension and stress and is a good tonic at the end of a hard day.

Touch soothes and comforts you offering peace, security and rejuvenation and boosts self-esteem and confidence. Massage stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation bringing oxygen to the tissues and thereby removing toxins,improving digestion and increasing immunity.

The texture and elasticity of your skin will be improved and hydrated and your muscles will recover their strength and flexibility reducing fatigue, stiffness and tension and increasing your energy levels. This is a powerful anti inflammatory Indian massage and is widely used.

Other than its curing ability, the Indian body massage is also a wonderful revitalizing exercise to activate and stimulate the body nerves. Blood circulation to all body parts is enhanced, helping the person to tone up his body and preserve youthfulness. The Indian Indian massage rejuvenates the persons mind Indian massage bring you sound sleep and becomes free of mental tensions and distractions.

Indian body massage is given on the vital parts, like the sole of feet, palms, fingertips etc., where more nerve ending are concentrated. This is continued for nearly 60/70 minutes.


1) Improves blood circulation.
2) Stressreleif
3) Improves body flexibility & muscle tone.
4) Helps to trim off and burn the excess & stubborn fat from the body.
5) Tones up skin and encourages its renewal process.
6) Mobilizes the digestive system and speeds up the elimination of waste products.
7) Improves immunity to fight against infection and disease.
8) Caring touch and massage soothe our nerves and decrease tension.
9) Helping sleep problems.
10) Rejuvenates the whole body
11) Beautifies the skin
12) Reduces stress
13) Promotes vitality
14) Nervous Weakness
15) An effective aid to relaxation.

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